I’m doing some reminiscing this week. It’s part of my exercise in letting go of the past in order to embrace the future. It boosts my faith to look back at ways God directed in the past. Why would I doubt he will not continue to direct?

I joked about ¬†seeing the literal sign ‘Pace’s neighborhood’ off Pace’s Ferry Rd. as a sign that this was where we were to live. The story doesn’t stop there because driving through Vinings I spotted this place on a hill:

On a whim we drove up the hill and went in to ask if this was residential property. It was and because of circumstances too numerous to explain we discovered it was residential property that we could afford to rent.

Lesson learned: I’m thinking it’s important to ‘look up’ during transitions! The glance upward–even when I was discouraged–brought into literal view what became for us a place of refreshment and refuge for the past year.

“I look to you, heaven-dwelling God, look up to you for help.” Psalm 123:2 MSG

©Brenda Pace, 2010
A great quote to ponder:
Christianity isn’t a faith that sits in tension with the realities of the world; it is the viewfinder through which our vision of reality finally becomes clear.
A Christianity Worth Believing by Doug Paggitt, (89).