We’ve lived in a variety of homes while my husband has served in the military. The best ever was our first house at Ft. Benning. I still remember the address: 101 Madden Avenue. It was lovely. It had great character and good bones—a maid’s quarters (from back in the day), basement, wood floors, charming built in cabinets throughout, a glass enclosed lanai type side room. The Army had me at ‘hello’ when they let us live in this place?

“White Elephant” Ft. Benning, Georgia by Diane Osborne. Diane specializes in artistic architectural designs of buildings, old home places, current homes, churches, etc. You can find out more about her lovely art or commission a piece of work by Diane at: www.artbydiane.net


As cliché` as it sounds, the Army has taught me that ‘home’ is not a house. Home is the people with whom you build a life. I’ve built a life with wonderful people. I am grateful for the family God has given me. They are what have made every place the Army has sent us…home.


Here’s a little presentation I put together last week to show at my husband’s retirement ceremony.  It’s impossible to condense 28 years of living into 3 minutes and 16 seconds, but leave it to me to try. Click the link below to check it out:

Home is Where the Army Sends You.

What is True Love?
I heard this song by Phil Wickham several weeks ago and it has been floating around in my head and my heart. It’s a perfect song to share today. Listen and be reminded of His love for you. Have a blessed Good Friday!

True Love by Phil Wickham video produced by Shining Beacon Video March 13, 2008