Lots of travel this month, which means the opportunity to view some in air cinema offerings. Two that were worth mentioning were pleasant little surprises. Always grateful when that happens!


The first was a film directed by Rob Reiner titled Flipped. I found this coming of age story to be charming and enjoyable. The Wonder Years type narration got a little old (it’s one thing in a 30 minute sitcom and another in an hour and a half), but it was bearable. The thought process of two young people was interesting to follow, as was the character development. In fact, I’ll ‘flip’ that comment and say that the thing I really liked about this movie was the true character that was developed in the young ‘hero.’ It was a wholesome and endearing story.


The other movie that caught my attention was Get Low starring an interesting cast to include Robert Duvall, Sissy Spaceck and Bill Murray. This movie was also about character, specifically it was about forgiveness and restitution. Robert Duvall plays Felix Bush, a 1930’s Tennessee hermit who arranges to have his own funeral–while he’s still alive. He wants to know what people will say about him. Truth is, Felix has a secret and he finds a creative and meaningful road to redemption. Interesting to note that this movie is based on a true story.


Long flights mean (hopefully) a good flick to pass some time. My thoughts on a few recent viewings:

LAX to ATL-How does one person—one male person—have so much sensitivity, (I’m sorry, but sometimes translated schmaltz)?  Southern author Nicholas Sparks keeps cranking them out and as with any author, I like some of his offerings above others. All have a tug at your heart turning point with my all time fave continuing to be The Notebook. As sappy as it is, it should be a requirement for every married couple to view together. I digress…my airplane selection for a recent flight from LAX to ATL was Sparks’ Dear John. The connection with Dear John for me was of course the military story line. My heart went out to John with his dysfunctional family background. I rejoiced as he found purpose and  a place in the military. I rooted for him as he opened his heart and learned how to love. I understood, but was disappointed as a young woman weighed the cost of military life and decided to go another direction–not sure about the commitments it would require. I was surprised as, hmmm…there was more to her and this story than I thought! Okay film.

ATL to FRA-One of my favorite young actresses of the day is Amy Adams. Her character in Enchanted continues to make me smile.  Her portrayal of Julie in Julie and Julia was enjoyable as well. Leap Year was the perfect airplane movie for me since it comes under the ‘chick flick’ genre. Lighthearted, charming and fun even with its predictability.

FRA to ATL-The favored movie of this month’s air travel has to be Invictus with Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. This is a LEADERSHIP movie!  The storyline centers on the South African rugby team and their quest for the World Cup. But, the story goes so much deeper  as it explores how some leaders are able to inspire people to go beyond what they think they are capable of being and doing. This is a movie about transformational leadership at its finest.  The genius of Mandela to use a struggling rugby team in the process of reconciliation of a country that could have gone the way of its violent neighbors leaves me shaking my head in wonder.  He is portrayed as a leader who built relationships as he learned about people (to include their names), and  listened and reflected before taking action.  This movie illustrates his  use of something all the people of his country loved (rugby) to build a common vision for a better future. Mandela and Francois Pienaar (rugby captain) are depicted, as men who led by example and were true to their values—something we desperately need today! Terrific film!