Here are a couple of pics I shot this week while enjoying a brief walk in a lovely German shopping district. The floral decor here is so creative and beautiful. I thought these planted urns really made a statement.

These mega large planters line a small shopping/walking street.

Check out this ball of roses. Oh, the flowers are amazing!

Spotted in the window of a florist in the shopping district.

I’m grateful for a little time to stop and literally smell the roses while visiting in Germany. So lovely!


Gratitude is the fairest blossom
Which springs from the soul.
-   Henry Ward Beecher

I found yet another online decorating magazine. This one goes by the name Adore and hails from Australia. Click on the cover which will take you to the magazine site. Choose ‘read’ and the magazine pages will open. Enjoy the view!

Here’s a little fluff for Wednesday. “RUE” is another online decor magazine for you to enjoy!


I just this minute came across the happiest decorating website. The entire website features the color turquoise. For some reason this morning the cheerful interiors made me smile. If you are someone who enjoys viewing pretty spaces, check out:


Enjoy the view!

I’ve enjoyed the travel that being a military spouse has provided. Our family lived in both Germany and Korea and I’ve had the great privilege to travel quite a bit to other parts of the world. There’s a story behind so many of the ‘things’ that decorate my home.

A Korean letter box presented to me by a woman after I spoke at a retreat; The blue and white pot in the background purchased on a trip to Hong Kong; The tall vase beside the mirror hand carried from a recent trip to Hawaii; The gilded mirror snagged at a Tennessee flea market

A former gold K-mart mirror hanging beside treasures from China

Remembrances from an incredible trip to Turkey

Sea glass from beautiful Okinawa adorns a plate in the guest bath

A Kokeshi doll keeps watch in my kitchen. The doll's kimono unties and becomes a scroll on which women at a retreat in Japan wrote notes of greeting and appreciation. Such a special gift!

Traipsed through the streets of Seoul to find the medicine chest, painting, and brush box. What fun memories!

Saw this shelf idea on a decorating blog. The shelf was purchased for our former apartment. Because of the high ceilings in this place it looked squatty and unattractive. I found two end tables at IKEA and elevated the shelf. The spaces underneath were filled with small storage chests. I really like the result!

The shelf became the perfect display for a collection of celadon from Korea. Is there a more perfect color than celadon green?

My favorite display of treasures in all the world--art by my son Joseph.

©Brenda Pace, 2010

The reminiscing continues through a little home tour. Here is my Atlanta abode before the movers arrived last week…

Ode to cherry blossoms in the entry hall!

Not much cooking went on in this room, unless you count my husband's killer latte`s!

Found these great chairs at flea market. The 'painting' on the wall is a $7 piece of fabric stretched over a wood frame. I used a stencil for the design.

The view of Atlanta from the living room was amazing!

My sister in law suggested the touches of red. I think it was a good idea!

Such an enjoyable space!

I saw the print above the bed at a shop in Hawaii. I searched the internet until I found one like it. The quirky oriental 'tea' man makes me smile.

I miss this bath already!

Blue and white...another thing that makes me smile.

Lots of typing done at this desk...

...and some great books read in this comfortable chair in the office!

©Brenda Pace, 2010