One last ‘view’ of life in Atlanta…taken from our condo balcony.

Atlanta on a summer morning

Atlanta sunset

Moon over Atlanta

I have to show you this!

My friend Gay presented me with the coolest farewell gift. It’s a platter with all the ’sights’ of Atlanta depicted around the edges.  Isn’t it great?

Thanks Gay! I’ll look forward to many visits back to the great city of Atlanta! It was a terrific place to call home for the past year!

©Brenda Pace, 2010

During my husband’s military career I have dreaded many of the places we have been sent by Uncle Sam. Without fail each place becomes home and it ends up that I dread leaving. Atlanta has been no exception. Here are some of our neighborhood faves I’ll miss:

Flying Biscuit cafe is quirky but wonderful! My favorite breakfast in Atlanta.

Fried green tomatoes on Monday and Thursday, as well as, a great take out section

I ? this place!

My husband's favorite breakfast joint. I do not complain when he wants to eat here!

See why I don't complain? The asiago cheese bagel can't be beat.

Mt. Paran Church of God is a great place to worship!

I will miss the convenience of the ATL airport!

The reminiscing continues through a little home tour. Here is my Atlanta abode before the movers arrived last week…

Ode to cherry blossoms in the entry hall!

Not much cooking went on in this room, unless you count my husband's killer latte`s!

Found these great chairs at flea market. The 'painting' on the wall is a $7 piece of fabric stretched over a wood frame. I used a stencil for the design.

The view of Atlanta from the living room was amazing!

My sister in law suggested the touches of red. I think it was a good idea!

Such an enjoyable space!

I saw the print above the bed at a shop in Hawaii. I searched the internet until I found one like it. The quirky oriental 'tea' man makes me smile.

I miss this bath already!

Blue and white...another thing that makes me smile.

Lots of typing done at this desk...

...and some great books read in this comfortable chair in the office!

©Brenda Pace, 2010