Today is the anniversary of the heavenly homecoming of my dear friend Dawn.
My friend exemplified a well-lived life.
I miss her.
Reminders of her influence are a regular occurrence:
Every once in awhile my cell phone for some unforeseen reason pulls up her number. One day I will have to delete that number, but not yet. You cannot know the times since she has gone that I have wanted to dial her number to hear her encouraging voice on the other end of the line. She would be excited about my new educational pursuit.  She would process the questions and fears I have about going back to school. Through her many questions she would lead me out of the fear and into the excitement of the adventure. The awareness of her wise counsel would not even hit until later. Recently, I felt very insecure about a presentation. I wanted to call that number and hear her cheerful and helpful voice on the other end.
Ironically in a paper in which she wrote about her leadership skills, she described me as her cheerleader. I still shake my head at that one. She was my cheerleader.
Along with the cell phone number, there is an almost empty bottle of Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion that I dread throwing away. This comforting scent became a symbol of a turning point in our friendship. It is a symbol of the time we learned to listen to each other and appreciate our differences. How this scent became meaningful is too long a story for this setting, but I would find lovely ‘vanilla’ gifts of all types through the years…all from my friend.
This friendship and mutual respect was not something that came easy. Maybe that is why the relationship was so precious. The effort was worth every ounce of energy expended.
I miss my friend’s voice in my life. I am grateful for her lovely fragrance of godliness and encouragement. She loved well—she lived well.


Me and Dawn

©Brenda Pace, 2012

8 Responses to “A Well Lived Life”

  1. Kristine Bacon says:

    Okay – I made it through without crying! I wonder if she is up in Heaven looking at all of us and our twinkling lights of her in our hearts! Oh how I am laughing about the lotion and the cell phone! I get it !! When we went to see the living Christmas Tree she had B & BW Cucumber lotion in her car and I said, “I love this & it’s been discontinued!” She said, take it. I still have it. She is in my phone, she is on my mind every time I go past the Dominos Pizza to “turn to get to her house” and so much more. She was my mentor, the last person to throw me a birthday party, and my counselor. She taught me how GOD saw me. Not as the throw away child that I had been, but as the princess child that God never forgot. She helped heal my wounds, my sorrows, and gave me hope when I needed it. She is the only person that I have truly wept over, after they had passed, because I felt like a part of my soul had gone away. Okay, I am crying now….

  2. BPace says:

    I rejoice with you, Kristine in the way God used our friend to touch our lives! May we both invest in others and live life well! Blessings sister!

  3. Kristen says:

    Thanks Brenda for the sweet remembrance for me this morning.

  4. BPace says:

    She was a faithful friend to us. Thinking of the two of you makes me smile.

  5. Valarie says:

    Wow, this was very touching.

  6. BPace says:

    She touched many lives…she still is. Thanks for stopping by, Val.

  7. Frances Sexton says:

    Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my sister Donna’s homegoing. I, too, have not deleted her number from my cell phone. It reminds me of her joy of living and laughing. She taught me to see humor in GOD’s moving in my life and to not take myself so seriously. I often want to call her to relate something funny I experienced or a wonderful GOD moment. I thank our loving Father for friendships that draw us closer to Him. Thanks for sharing about our friend Dawn, Brenda.

  8. BPace says:

    Oh Frances, I understand the mix of sorrow and joy you feel about your sister. Sorrow for missing someone you loved dearly, and joy for the joy she brought to your life. I’m so glad for the promise to be reunited with departed loved ones someday! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story.

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